If it is an emergency please call 911

Hawley Borough Police

Hawley Borough Police

Hawley Borough Police

To reach the Police Department please call 570.226.4868

Hawley Officials

Hawley Borough Police

Hawley Borough Police

Mayor Kevin Hawk

President Ann Monaghan

Vice President Elaine Herzog

Councilperson Pat Bartleson

Councilperson Mike Dougherty

Councilperson Joe Faubel

Councilperson Christine Ferrara

Councilperson Michele Rojas

Hawley Borough Police

  • For building permits please contact Building Inspectors Underwriters 570.344.9681.
  • To contact Zoning Officer P. J. Dougherty call 570.226.9545.

Beginning again Saturday May 16 recycling will be available the first and third Saturdays on Park Place at Bingham Park 9am to 1pm. Bill Delling will be present to assist you during that time. After that the containers will be locked.

Here is the right to know form.

RTK form (pdf)